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It’s one of those opinionated days…

If there is a local sports journalist more responsible for the long-standing love affair between the City of Buffalo and its sports teams, Buffalo fans haven’t met him. Larry’s roots with Buffalo sports go deep, beginning with a stint as a ball boy with the original, All-American Conference Bills of Ratterman and Hirsch. A job running copy for the Courier-Express in 1951 provided Felser an entry into the newspaper business.

Larry covered a variety of sports assignments from 1953 to 1958, but, when the AFL was born in 1959, he was handed the “duties” of reporting his true passion — pro football.

For the next 18 seasons (fifteen of those with the Buffalo Evening News), Larry provided daily coverage of the Bills, and his dedicated conveyance of fact and commentary helped weave a football team into the fabric of Buffalo life.

The Felser that younger Buffalo sports readers know (and sometimes love) emerged in 1977, with his assignment to a daily column. Now no longer limited to the gridiron, or to reporting only the facts, Larry came to relish (and continues to do so) the opportunity to impart to readers his opinions on a wide range of sports topics. The column has provided Larry the opportunity to explore and research diverse areas, and collect notes while wondering whatever became of Brant Alyea, Jack Marin and Skip Krake. The column has also entertained and stimulated fans and sparked countless water cooler debates through the years.

Felser has been honored for his journalistic efforts. In 1974, he became the second only News writer to receive the Johnny Barnes Trophy (named for the legendary Canisius High football coach for whom Larry played) presented each year for outstanding achievement in sports. In 1984, Larry was the recipient of the Dick McCann Memorial Award for distinguished reporting of professional football. The award, presented by the Pro Football Writers of America, a group for which Felser once served as president (the youngest in its history, incidentally), entails a replica plaque which hangs in the Hall of Fame at Canton, Ohio.

In 2000, the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame is honored to join the list of organizations which have honored Larry Felser’s unique contributions to the enjoyment of Buffalo sports.