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Dick GallagherThe Dick Gallagher Legacy Award was created to honor and inspire the legacy of one of the most amazing individuals ever to be part of the Western New York Community. Dick was a simple man who always believed in what good he could bring to others. He devoted over twenty years to the advancement and celebration of high school sports as a positive influence in the lives of the youth of Western New York. The Dick Gallagher Legacy Committee was formed in 2019, making Dick its first award recipient. If you had known Dick, you would know that he was humbled by the recognition and was appreciative that others with his same values and commitment to Western New York sports would be honored annually.

  • The criteria to be nominated for the award are just as simple:
  • Have a superior passion for Western New York high school sports
  • Have distinguished record of community service
  • Have character traits that exemplify honesty, humility, and compassion
  • Have a love for family, faith, and the Western New York high school sports community

The Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame is proud to be part of and recognize the recipients of the Dick Gallagher Legacy Award. We thank them for their commitment to WNY youth throughout their life and years.

Dennis DiPaolo and Paul Stasiak (board member)
Dennis DiPaolo and Paul Stasiak (board member)

2023 Dick Gallagher Legacy Award

Dennis DiPaolo

The 2023 Dick Gallagher Legacy Award goes to Dennis DiPaolo. Dennis has been an incredible supporter of high school sports, impacting countless athletes throughout the WNY Region.


Previous Winners:

2022: John Murphy
2021: Wally Huckno
2020: Len Jankiewicz
2019: Dick Gallagher