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The Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame Amateur Sports Development Fund has been assisting Western New York amateur athletes and organizations since 1993.  It was originally set-up to assist the World University Games, however over the past 30 years, more than 197 organizations have benefited from the fund with the total amount distributed in excess of $230,000.  A portion of the proceeds from the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame Annual Induction Dinner held each fall is allocated to the ASDF for disbursement. Funds are awarded to amateur athletes, teams and organizations seeking financial assistance to foster the pursuit of a higher level of athletic achievement.

The criteria for the selection of athletes, teams and organizations to be considered for funding from the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame Amateur Sports Development Fund are listed below. To qualify for funds:

  • The athlete, team or organization must be amateur in nature and must be from the Greater Buffalo region.
  • The athlete, team or organization may apply for a specific need or piece of equipment if it will serve to improve performance levels in a competitive event (example: new skis for a downhill racer who will represent Buffalo in a national competition).
  • The athlete, team or organization may also apply for funding of a capital project to improve their facilities (example: money to help build a concession stand or new field/ court).
  • If seeking funds for travel to an event, competition must be national or international in nature and selection to compete in the event must have been achieved via some qualifying process as opposed to subjective selection or invitation by a coach or committee.
  • Requests other that those highlighted in numbers 2, 3, and 4 above will be given “non-priority” consideration.
  • The committee will only grant monies for purposes OTHER THAN supplementing an organization’s normal operating budget.
  • Awards can be granted for repeat applications from athletes, teams or organizations provided the purpose for the request is NOT THE SAME AS A PRIOR AWARD. Grants are not awarded to organizations or individuals in consecutive years.
  • The application must be complete and received as far as possible in advance of the date needed.

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